香港音樂治療研討會 Hong Kong Music Therapy Conference 2018


Come join us for the first music therapy professional conference in Hong Kong! HKMTC has a strong desire to make contribution to advance better music therapy development in Asian countries. Music Therapy Conference in Hong Kong is the profound event which will provide people in different aspects with an opportunity to learn deeply about the use of music therapy in different settings, where more people in need may be able to access to. As this will be the first Music Therapy Conference in Hong Kong, the big echo must be aroused while the public awareness of Music Therapy will be increased. We aim on putting the impact on Asia world, especially in China, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and etc., targeting on all health related professionals such as creative art therapists, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, clinical psychologists, teachers and etc. With all these connections, it allows us to gain valuable information about what different local and oversea organizations are doing and where they are focusing their efforts in healthcare professional. As an international city in Hong Kong, the conference will provide translations headset for participants in 4 different languages.